Friday, April 18, 2014

John Parson-true or retarded

It amazes me,that the net is full of ignorant artist like John Parson,who is under the delusion,only black men have freakishly huge dicks and fuck big tittied blonde,with absolutely no brains what so ever.Despite the real life evidence,that real well hung guys are white,such as Jonah Falcon,at 13 inches and some Swedish guy,also at 13 inches,morons like Persons want to keep up the ignorant KKK thinking all black men at hung like mules.We know the internet is simply full of men,with the mentallity of a one year old,Person,whoever he is,shows such,even he plasters the net with well drawn ignorant interacial crap.The only black men penises the size of his drawings are lying sack of shit,with ten inch dicks or guys with fake pricks,claimming 18 inches and more.John Persons images below
Least ways,jackass Kevin J.Taylor gives up a very well hung white Blue.

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