Thursday, April 3, 2014

brooke Asswhipe

Brooke hates being in her office 8 hours a day, so OG took her back to his place on her lunch hour and annihilated her twat with his 18 inch monster cock.Brooke being such a total whore,she would get fucked a huge plastic greased up penis.Wow,i'm affraid it'll get stuck and that duffist porn will walk away to do a Tolbert and kill a white for 52 cents and dirty tic tac.
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yeah right and then mister 18 inch unscrews the big fake dick to show this 2 inch penis.
100 inch dick, yup, and 20 pound genitals-i didn't know King Kong was doing porn.anyone believe some retard is a 100 inch penis.Are porn people now allowing guys to cum into there ears and fill their full of gooh?just there guys walking with head filled with cum.

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