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Steve Holmes

Steve Holmes
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Steve Holmes
Birthdate: March 23, 1961 (1961-03-23) (age 48)
Birth location: Flag of Romania Sibiu, Romania
Height: 1.85 m
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown
Ethnicity: German
Stage name(s): Kris Cristof, Chris Long
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Steve Holmes
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Cristof Cristian (born March 23, 1961), commonly known as Steve Holmes, is a Romanian-born German pornographic actor who started his career in 1997. Holmes is a Transylvanian Saxon from Sibiu. In 1968, his family managed to cross the Turkish border while on holiday in Bulgaria and sought asylum at the German consulate in İstanbul.[1]Steve Holmes
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Since 2002, he has been living and working in Los Angeles and Budapest. He also started to direct porn films in 2003, working for Platinum X Pictures alongside Manuel Ferrara, Brandon Iron and Michael Stefano.[2] The same year he began directing for Evil Angel, where he has produced films including Anal Cum Addicts, Anal POV Sluts, Anal Romance, Cum Guzzlers, Euro Girls Never Say No, Nothing Butt Fun, Pappa Holmes' Little Girls, Sexy Euro Girls, Steve Holmes' Perversions, Super Sluts and The Pussy Is Not Enough.[3] He has received 12 awards in Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin, Brussels and Las Vegas, the most prestigious of which were the AVN Awards as "Male Foreign Performer of the Year" in Las Vegas in 2005 and 2006.

He has the ability of autofellatio, which he displayed in the 2006 film Guys Who Suck Their Own Cocks.[4]
[edit] Awards

* 2003 XRCO Award - 'Unsung Swordsman'[5]
* 2003 XRCO Award - 'Best 3-Way' for Mason's Dirty Tricks (shared with Julie Night and Manuel Ferrara)[6]
* 2006 AVN Award nominee – Best Threeway Sex Scene (Sex Fiends 2 – nominated with Trina Michaels and John Strong)[7]
* 2006 AVN Award nominee – 'Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production' for Out Numbered (nominated with Vanessa, Jany, Victorie, Julie Silver, Rady, Sarah Blue, Erik Everhard, Tera Joy and Robert Rosenberg)[8]
* 2007 AVN Award nominee – 'Best Group Sex Scene (Video)' for Slutty & Sluttier. Nominated with Sandra Romain, Aurora Snow, Manuel Ferrara, Brandon Iron, Jay Ashley, Jason Sinclair, D. Snoop, Brad Baldwin, Lefty, Carey Bucks, John Strong, Joe Blow, Joe Rock, Johnny Fender, Mike Hosh, Pascal St. James & Claudio Meloni. [9]
* 2007 AVN Award – 'Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production' for Outnumbered 4 (shared with Isabel Ice, Dora Venter, Cathy, Karina, Nicol, Puma Black, Erik Everhard, Sandra Romain & Robert Rosenberg)[10]
* 2009 AVN Award nominee - 'Best Anal Sex Scene' for Butthole Whores 2 (nominated with Belladonna)[11]

[edit] References

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* This page was last modified on 29 May 2009 at 03:58.
* Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; Posted - Apr 4 2006 : 09:46:31 PMWhat is the largest cumshot on video, furtherest shooting?

I know Peter North is renowned for his cum soaking qualities, but remebering a " Porno Blooper - 1 min cumshot"
I realise there must be some big players i havent seen yet.

Also, is there correlation between the size of the penis and the amount of cum? And One FACT that i must know (above all the questions about my favourite starlet, Tera)
Who has the biggest (girth)?
who has the longest (length)? in the industry past and present?
Penis Size!!!!

Edited by - swarmi on Apr 6 2006

130 Posts
Posted - Apr 4 2006 : 10:26:18 PM I don't think there is any correlation between cum shot quantity/force and penis girth and length.

As far as the big boys of the past, I can't comment. I haven't watched enough porn of the past to comment fairly. I only know of John Holmes.

Nowadays, in straight porn, I'd say that Julian has one of the biggest dicks in the industry (overall, considering both length and girth). Peter North has big girth as well as Erik Everhard. The some other studs like Ron Jeremy and Lex Steele are above average in length, but seem to be lacking in girth. I think Lex Steele's dick is overrated.

I've seen a few "nameless" dudes in straight porn with big dicks, but since their identity is hidden as well as the fact that their porn career is short-lived, they don't count.

In all honesty, most dudes in straight porn are not hung like a bull. The industry seems less focused on penis size these days.

There are a few mega-hung guys in gay porn, but I don't care for gay porn.

Again, I'd say Julian, North, Everhard probably have the fattest pieces of meat in the industry. They can stretch and fill up a pussy nicely.

Edited by - Icetrance28 on 4/4/2006 10:28:02 PM
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Deactivated User

18 Posts
Posted - Apr 6 2006 : 12:25:26 AM C'mon over-rated? lex the impaler? get your head straight man!!
I personally like to know the girl is getting that extra good "stretching" feeling, if she has to be tormented by any guys penis while having pretending to love it.

I dont know much about erik everhard, didn't see him do any damage to Tera in North pole 11's first scene, so i don't know, then again, Tera is larger than the average 5'5" starlet huh? so the size may have been dwarfed, but then again you say he is more girth.

what about Rocco?

Has any one got actual stats?

Edited by - swarmi on 4/6/2006 12:27:00 AM
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Steve Holmes
Senior Member

1353 Posts
Posted - Apr 6 2006 : 08:22:55 AM probably the most girth has Manuel Ferrara. At least from the guys I know.

Steve Holmes
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843 Posts
Posted - Apr 6 2006 : 10:33:46 AM Four posts and the name Mandingo hasn't come up? He has length and girth and I believe he can drop a load. Some of the other uber-hung guys can't seem to drop much of a load on a consistant basis, such as Sean Michaels and Jack Napier.

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237 Posts
Posted - Apr 6 2006 : 12:23:11 PM Sledgehammer and Shane Diesel have quite a bit of girth,but their loads are pretty average.
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5814 Posts
Posted - Apr 6 2006 : 12:41:11 PM Penis size and large loads seem to have no relationship whatsoever.
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The The

507 Posts
Posted - Apr 6 2006 : 01:09:52 PM No relationship whatsoever. Have you seen any movies with black performers? Wesley Pipes, Sean Michaels. Those guys have the smallest loads, to the point they are squeezing it out like the last of the toothpaste.
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Yankey Doodel

671 Posts
Posted - Apr 6 2006 : 01:28:38 PM
I would think ball size would be more likely to pertain.
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Senior Member

1641 Posts
Posted - Apr 6 2006 : 02:54:21 PM There is no correlation what so ever.

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130 Posts
Posted - Apr 6 2006 : 06:58:03 PM Lex Steele undoubtedly has a long dick, but his girth size is not impressive. He definitely doesn't have what I call a "bull dick".

I like to see a fat firehose in a woman'pussy, more than long schlong. Why? because it's a turn-on to see a pussy stretched open. Big length alone doesn't impress me at all.

By the way, I am not real familiar with Manuel Ferrara, but his girth is like none other. I have to agree with Steve Holmes. I couldn't think of his name, but I remember that I was very impressed with that johnson. It's is amazingly pleasurable to see such a fat cock inside a hot, little pussy.

I think that Manuel should be considered the stud of studs with a dick like that. That's what you call a *bull dick*, if there ever was one. Manuel probably things all pussies are tight. That said, I'm not real sure how well he shoots cum, but I'll have to find out.

North, Julian, Everhard, Napier, Sean Michaels are well-hung, but Manuel outshines them all.

I reckon penis size should be expressed in weight when erect. That would easily separate the men from the boys. When asking some dude the size of his manhood, ask, "how much does your erect cock weigh?" The meaty firehoses will always win out. This would bring the girth vs. length saga to an abrupt halt and prove that girth is indeed the real indicator of a big dick; thus, putting the long, skinny dicks where they belong--out of porn for good.
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43 Posts
Posted - Jul 15 2006 : 01:39:42 AM Check out "The World's Biggest Girth: w/Bob Lowe, thick ass cock.
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Deactivated User

What are you looking at? It
3097 Posts
Posted - Jul 15 2006 : 05:51:33 AM A friend, and myself always used to comment on the fact when Lex Steele was considered one of the larger guys, his load was rather inconsistent (it was more of a "dude, after fucking a chick that hot, he can't reward her with more than THAT?"). All aside, he seemed like a nice guys @ AVNs.

While there is probably no correlation, I'd like to think the larger it is, the farther it has to travel. So without alot of pressure built up thru "holding on tight", the biggest (read: longest) peckers might have problems shooting much at all. If anything, it's just a dribbly mess that is lucky enough to get past the girl's nose at point blank range.

From my observation, Everhard is girthy (not that I pay attention to dick, but then again, who fuckin' cares?), and I've often read him compared to a Christmas Tree, getting thicker towards the stump. Mind you, that dude has toothpasted many a porn chicks with the old protein glob! Uncle Pete seems to shoot streams, but not necessarily in volume. Jules Jordan comes to mind as well. Those guys must eat their celery as a daily ritual, lol!

Chris73 wrote:
Sledgehammer and Shane Diesel have quite a bit of girth,but their loads are pretty average.

Edited by - Eric381 on 7/15/2006 5:53:57 AM
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Deactivated User

152 Posts
Posted - Jul 15 2006 : 12:30:00 PM you know it all. american people know everything.
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Endless Loop
Senior Member

1234 Posts
Posted - Jul 15 2006 : 08:24:00 PM Size appears unrelated.
Bigger loads would seem generally more likely with gifted stand-ins, than the usual overworked suspects, except ofcourse, for the incomparable Mr. Steve Holmes, who's performance and production continues to defy all domestic/european manufacturing standards.

Edited by - Endless Loop on 7/15/2006 8:41:34 PM
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296 Posts
Posted - Jul 16 2006 : 07:53:02 AM This is a really interesting topic. I have also observed the rumour that weak cum shots are from well hung guys, but then again have seen well hung guys like UK's Omar deliver a great blast of man-juice. I think it all depends on the performer and how he has exercised that PC muscle and ate all his greens.

On the subject of weak cum shots - in this day and age - why do they exist at all? Surely they can cut and use another take when the guy has more 'in him'. I know I wouldn't be that bothered by it, and the end result would finish the scene off nicely.

'Click on Avatar to visit my website'
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263 Posts
Posted - Jul 16 2006 : 09:55:16 PM Brian Pumper has a long and wide dick and shoots decent loads.

Erik Everhard hase a very girthy dick, and shoots big loads.

Steve Holmes is super long, like Sean Michaels long, and he has an extremely large cum shot.

Nacho Vidal... Is extremely large... His cock is *perfecto* - very wide and round, perfectly straight, and extremely long. His cum shots are average to very good.

Mandingo is probably the biggest, but hes been going through some shit lately, so hes been sucking.

Franco Roccaforte from most of Rocco's movies has the biggest cum shot for a black guy, and is slightly smaller then rocco.

Kid Jamaica has a slightly wider cock then Rocco, but has a weak cum shot... hes still one of the best.

.. I probably seem really gay right now, but I pay attention! Im not gonna lie, I notice these things.

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The The

507 Posts
Posted - Jul 20 2006 : 05:09:51 PM I would say no correlation.

And I would base this on most (if not all) of the black performers. They have big dicks, but absolutely zero cumshot. It's so off-putting, that I really am against renting or buying interracial DVDs because of it. I mean, the scenes are fine: cute girls get fucked, but then there's no payoff. The guys are struggling to coerce any amount of come out of their dicks.

I just watched "Dropping Loads" by Platinum X. It's a very good compilation of cumshots from the company's various titles. And I'll be damned if all the scenes featuring black guys aren't the weakest shots. Sean Michaels?! PUH-leeze. There were at least four clips of him and I was left wondering, did anything even come out?
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127 Posts
Posted - Jul 20 2006 : 10:16:09 PM Actually there is a direct correlation. In fact, OSHA requires any woman giving a blow job to a man whose popo is over 10 inch long and 4.5 inches in circumfarance, to wear safety glasses so as to avoid eye injury.
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Deactivated User

What are you looking at? It
3097 Posts
Posted - Jul 21 2006 : 12:46:42 AM

allit wrote:
Actually there is a direct correlation. In fact, OSHA requires any woman giving a blow job to a man whose popo is over 10 inch long and 4.5 inches in circumfarance, to wear safety glasses so as to avoid eye injury.

No comments: