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hung like a horse

hung like a horse
1. hung like a horse

A phrase used to describe a man with a large, equine-like penis.
Damn! You're, hung like a horse!Usually said,because most horse have big cocks.
hung like a elephant a man with a large penis better then being hung like a horse
jeff nemeth is hung like a elephant
hung like a killer whale Used to describe someone with an unusually large penis or with one the size of a killer whale.
Whoa!, you're hung like a killer whale!
used to describe someone with a huge penis
you are hung like a horse.This term implies that a man has the endowment alike to that of a horse.Beyond or over 7 inches or 9". Seen as inhuman.
Stephen was hung 14 inches when erect and called himself the stallion king, he was therefore hung like a horse.hung like a horse large penis well-endowed penis penis massive penis . The Penis - is the name of the only real human penis in the only penis museum, located in Iceland - is huge,is complete with testicles, and was donated by an American while still living. The Penis is the primary specimen in the world's only penis museum, located in Iceland. Elmo The Penis came from America, but is one of Iceland's tourist attractions!
The Penis is a really big penis.

If you know someone who has an Penis, they are very unique and very well endowed.
penis penis museum severed penis penis specimen penis display american penis huge penis only human penis well endowed penis name elmo the penis
Well Endowed - Meaning that someone has been blessed with a perfect (or long) X. X can be anything from tits, penis or big balls.
Wow! I had another shower yesterday at the gym and Paul walked in butt naked. Man, it's a little depressing but that guy is well endowed!

Tom was well endowed with fully functional diphallia A man or a boy who is famous among all his friends for having a large penis , and sometimes impressive testicles, too. For him,especially when young, this is always something to be proud of in front of boys, and sometimes embarrassing,curiously, in front of girls.
Don't you know that our friend Marc A.has something special? Look at his boardshorts... Yes, he IS well-endowed, he has the biggest one on the beach...Fine, uh?

big penis big dick well-hung balls schlong.Abbreviation used in personal ads to mean "well endowed"., well endowed, circumcized, free of drugs and disease.
Abbreviation commonly used in personal ads to indicate someone is well endowed.
"MWM D/D free, W/E and cut. Seeking WF for good times."
(This would translate to: Married white male, drug and disease free, well endowed and circumsized. Seeking white female for sex.)
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penis personals size endowed cock dick pecker The state of a male having a well-endowed penis, above the majority of men. Hung implies that a guy is at least 7.5" in lenght when erect, at least 2" in width and 5.5" in girth.
Andre is hung.Hung men feature in porn videos.
A guy can haved a toned, slim body and be hung.
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hung well-endowed large penis thick penis wide penis.A man with a well endowed penis, at least 7.5" in erect lenght for all men, along with a width of 2" and a girth of 5.5", although called big.A man is hung when it has at least this.1. well endowed

Well Endowed - Meaning that someone has been blessed with a perfect (or long) X. X can be anything from tits, penis or big balls.
Wow! I had another shower yesterday at the gym and Paul walked in butt naked. Man, it's a little depressing but that guy is well endowed!

Tom was well endowed with fully functional big dick.Andre is hung and has no problem satisfying his girlfriend who never cheats on him.hung large penis well endowed big penis wide penis.BIG COCKS NO WAITING

Are there men that are really hung like horses?

Im sure you have heard the phrase "hung like a horse" That makes me wonder. Are there really men that are hung like a horse? The biggest I have ever seen is my b/f's with is 8 inches. Are there really men that big?

popular porn stars, Lexington Steele, Mandingo, Jack Napier come pretty close to those measurments.

Not many! It is amazing how many average people there are out there. To see a guy in the raw with a soft penis is not an accurate way to judge what he is sporting when erect. The penis changes its dimensions constantly in response to temperature and other factors. I practised medicine for 36 years and I have seen all shapes and sizes. What has always struck me is that most guys think that their penis is too small even when it is obvious to me that it is a good-sized specimen.
People tend to confuse size with performance. Remember that you are looking down at your penis, which for-shortens it to your view. Eight inches is a very large penis. I can remember one man whose penis was so long that when he came to the operating room to have a cystoscopic examination, his penis was longer than the 'scope. The urologist coped quite nicely just the same. It was a thick specimen too, However, the man was a miserable S.O.B. whom everyone disliked so I would have to presume that being super-sized did not make him happy. He was not circumcised. Perhaps there was not enough oxygen getting to his second brain.A full-grown, normal sized horse penis is about three feet long when erect, and I don't believe that any human being at any time has grown that long.Well, some guys have pretty big penises, but I don't think anyone would measure up to a full grown stallion. Maybe we should have a survey on here to determine who's got the biggest one!there are some guys with a large penis but not like horse
What does hung like a donkey/horse actually mean???lol?
I would have thought that was obvious. Donkeys and horses have very large penises as a result men who think that penis size is really important use it as a comparison
it means you are well equipped downtown...ever gone to a farm and seen a donkey standing there and his wang is laying on the ground 12 inches below him...that's what it means....
There have been men with 12" and 14" which is just about the maximum that I've ever heard of. It's just a term to mean large, not specifically like a horse's penis.
Big testicles are not terribly c

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