Saturday, September 14, 2013

Livelinks Commercial

That Livelinks Commercial...

Go ahead and say it... you love 'em!
Finally a company advertises in such a way that it is impossible to criticize its product. You always knew this day would come.
Sure, we kind of set the bar a bit too high with the (might be a stalker) Barista, the (couldn't possibly be listening) Sports Fan and the (uber douchey) Menu Memorizer. We just wanted to indulge a bit because such men are few and far between. So few, so far!
Waitress;So guys,what will you have ?
DOPEY GUY;So whats on the menu?
Bearded Fuckface;Dude,we went through again.Chicken with chili and vingret.
"There's Nothing Hotter Than a Guy Who Listens" 
DOPEY GUY;'I might not listen,but I have big dick-unlike mister bearded weirdo here.
Beside,asshole here is a big crack head,who pimp out women at his section 8 apartment.Most likely,Keith Tolbert here will pimp your ass out,then taser the john.strangle him and cut his dead body,throwing the peices in the river.
Bearded Fuckface;Dude-fuck you-bitch this is a stick up,dog.
"There's Nothing Hotter Than  not being pimped by a Guy Who Listens,sticks up your restaurant and murderers the cook and staff."
While some (like one person, maybe two at the most) would say that "There's Nothing Hotter Than a Guy Who Listens" is unrealistic, it is actually pure genius. Livelinks commercials are GENIUS.if you call genius,being a total fucking asshole. A guy who gives two poops and actually heard what you said? Hott! It's just so rare that we tend to disbelieve.
Throw in a sense of humor, a job and some hygiene and you've got yourselves a keeper.
Keeper,if you call a commercial,that goes clunk everytime it airs.
Or our next commercial.
... Stay tuned!
- See more at:,the guy with beard come off like a keith tolbert turd.every time i see,i want to see the dopey,scream out in the end''I might not listen,but I have big dick-unlike mister bearded weirdo here.

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